Care Plans / GP Referrals / Chronic Disease Management Plans

Lots of different names, all the same thing – Medicare rebated Osteopathic services.

Our Osteopaths are committed to providing healthcare for the community.

There are two ways of seeing our Osteopaths with a Care Plan (up to 5 Medicare rebated consultations per calendar year, as referred by your GP).

Option 1: The most common option is to see one of our Osteopaths who provide a fully rebated service.

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Care Plans in Carnegie - Fully Rebated
Care Plans in Oakleigh - Fully Rebated

Option 2: Booking with our senior Osteopaths who provide a 
partially rebated service.

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Care Plans in Carnegie - Partial Rebate
Care Plans in Oakleigh - Partial Rebate

The Medicare rebate is $60.35, and our usual fees are higher than this. To see one of the senior osteopaths our usual fees apply ($120 for Initial & $97 for Return appointment) but the rebate remains at $60.35. The other osteos are able to provide a reduced rate consult at $60.35 making it fully rebated.

To be able to provide a rebate for you we require this form from your GP (See example form here)

Additional Care Plan Information

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